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By Paris DUcker

Today I Hoped For: A Journal of Hope 


How many times have you started your day without giving a thought about your ability to Hope? Do you find it difficult to hope and don’t believe that it is necessary to hope? What if you began to start your day by writing about what you are hoping for? What if you decided to overcome your risk of remaining hopeless? What if you committed to starting your day with the intention to hope?

Hope Begins When You Do! Today I Hoped For… is a 45-day journal exercise that gives encouragement everyday before prompting you to express your hope.Welcome and we HOPE that you too will begin to HOPE


Paris Ducker


is a Certified Life Coach, Motivator and a person that believes in the power of transformational words.  Paris is a freelance writer, contributing author and blogger.  She knows what can happen when Hope is intentional and of the transformation that it brings. 

“In a time when the world feels like it is upside down and has spun into another universe, this Journal of HOPE is an easy reminder that I can HOPE, speak, and create a better mind space and outlook for myself regardless of current circumstances. THANK YOU! :-)”

Courtney W. Robertson , MPA

Nonprofit Professional

“I love my journal! Because of my many hats and responsibilities, I find myself sometimes feeling a bit overwhelmed. I appreciate the way it is formatted and helps to guide my thoughts. It keeps me honest with my feelings and thoughts in that moment. It keeps me focused. It reminds me to not only have hope but how to find it and maintain it. I always recommend writing as a way to release and reflect. This is an excellent journal for yourself AND to gift to others."

Joyce Kyles

Coach and Consultant 

What an exciting 45 days!! Full of daily discoveries! After my prayer time I couldn’t wait for “HOPE” to be stirred inside of me. During the 2nd half of reading, it was though the words spoke directly to what I had just experience that day. I am glad that this wasn’t just an exercise but an encouraging journey that awakened my Hope !!!

Brenda F Ferguson/ CEO
“Creating Flow, Inc.”

In a world where every thing is so chaotic. Where you can sometimes feel surrounded by total despair. Along comes a journal that does not give the answers but encourages you to look within and find the answers that were already there. That challenges you to hope again. Yes to even hope against hope. A wonderful tool to keep you focus on your purpose.

Annette Jacobs aka AJPraise

It takes 3 to 4 weeks of consistence and intentional commitment of doing anything to develop a habit. "Today I Hoped For..." is so timely. It gives you a solid base to not only develop and strengthen Hope in your life but also to develop journaling. Both are tools that has helped navigate through the times we are in. Anytime is a Good time for Hope. Thank you, Paris ,for doing your part in keeping "Hope Alive".

Pam Steward

This journal has encouraged me to hope. I actually did not realize how hopeless I felt until I began the daily practice of writing down the things I hope for. Whether big or small, I think the hoping mindset allows me to start my day with joy and anticipation. I am grateful for this journal. It has been a gift.

Kayla Brooks

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